One of the most consistently sought after musical variety acts, Ray Massa’s EuroRhythms have dazzled audiences from coast to coast. They have been acclaimed for their ability to captivate the younger “Pop Culture” audiences while simultaneously thrilling established fans of Italian & Swing music.

The EuroRhythms have a long history. Ray Massa was born and raised in South-eastern Ohio (Bellaire, Ohio) of Italian parents who immigrated from the Campania region of Italy. The group was started by Ray in 1982 while attending college at Ohio State University. His goal was to try to meet some Italians so that he could feel at home in a new city full of strangers. After an exhausting search he put together a group of four other musicians who were all born and raised in Italy, Naldo Monaco, Joe D’ippolito, Franco Salvatore and Gaetano Marino. As the Band grew in Popularity Ray increased the size of the band to seven members which lent the ability to be more diversified in musical styles. With popularity also came growing pains, the rigors of a lot of travel and a full plate of performance dates gave way for many of the original members to step down.

As with many Italians, Ray stepped up to the challenge and in 1992 began to recruit top musicians and build a band capable of attracting national attention. With many Italian songs trapped in his memory from repetitious playing of the albums his family brought with them from Italy, Ray inspired his new group to help him rearrange the traditional songs with a higher energy Pop sound with the hope of attracting younger Italian/Americans to the wonderful treasure of Italian music. With a lot of hard work and paid dues, the EuroRhythms have accomplished their goal and now have a National Following both young and old.

Today the EuroRhythms’ professional musical talents are complimented with five vocalists including Ray Massa (Parents from the Campania Region), Tony -DiMelfi (Grandparents from the Basilicata Region) and vocalist Marco Capoccia, (Born and raised in the region of Frosinone, Italy). The total group is comprised as such: Ray Massa on the Accordion/Organ/Vocals, Tony -DiMelfi – Lead Vocals/Trombone , Marco Capoccia Vocals/Percussion, John Dirck -Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals, Craig Hahn Drums/keys/Vocals, Jerry Parsons Bass Guitar/Vocals, Brian Olsheski - Saxophone/Clarinet, , Scott Belck Trumpet/Flugel Horn

Ray Massa’s EuroRhythms are featured Nationally at Italian Festivals from Brooklyn, NY., Chicago and through the west coast to Portland Oregon. They are credited with bridging the gap between American & Italian venue’s for festival entertainment by revitalizing the mystique and romantic excitement of Italian music! The group’s dynamic and energetic style attracts audiences of all ages and nationality. The EuroRhythms’ popularity is attributed to their unique arrangements of songs from Italy’s current Pop Charts like, “Mai Piu Sola”, to great Italian hits of all styles from the 80’s to the 50’s like, “A Chi” or "Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano" and their own Italian version of “Hang On Sloopy”. These great songs are intertwined with the ever popular Italian/American favorites like, Louie Prima’s swinging "Zooma Zooma Baccala", "Ce la luna", & "Buona Sera", along with traditional songs you just can't do without at any Italian function, "That's Amore", "OH Mari” the "Tarantella", polkas, waltzes, mazurkas, etc.!
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